Homeless, Cost of Living and Housing Top The Colorado Voters Latest Poll

Axios reported Thursday of the latest poll ran by Keating Research showing the topics Colorado voters are most concerned about. Amongst the top 5 were the unhoused, housing itself and the cost of living.

The unhoused issue blends with the immigration issue as Colorado voters have noted. The city of Denver is dealing with thousands of people currently both unhoused and newly immigrated.

Immigration issues

Interestingly, immigration was at the top of the list as well. The fear of immigrants is a tool that is used to scare voters during election years. It remains a focus of lobbyist and some policy makers as well. Colorado voters are clearly concerned over the right to housing and shelter in Colorado. Click the photo above for the full article.

Fear is being used politically, for leverage, on both sides for over two centuries now. In addition, fear that has divided all people affected by generational colonialism. It’s the fear of what the privileged stand to lose, that is dangled before the political circus annually, as people’s lives hang in the balance.

Even before Mexico was formed under the banner of the “Mestizos,” uniting to fight back and overthrow New Spain, whose classism model had dominated the region before.

Mexico and America both changed due to the Mexican-American war, but the classism of the Spanish never left, and slowly crept into cultural norms in America today.

Here are some articles for more historical context

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Here is PhD Leo Chavez breaking down the negative impact of anti-Latino and anti-immigrant rhetoric for the School for Advanced Research.

Read also “Housing is the Hottest Topic in Colorado.”

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