Colorado House Bill Aims to Change Occupancy Limits

The Colorado housing crisis remains in dire need. That includes high rent prices, low vacancy, limited stock, and what some would call , archaic regulation. HB 24-1007 aims to ease those regulations and base it off square footage need for proper health and safety. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Javier Mabry, Rep. Manny Rutinal, Sen. Julie Gonzales and Senator Tony Exum.

This bill specifically impacts housing. As it would help some ease the burden of rent by allowing for roommates and family members to live together. Read more about the bills below.


HB 24-1007

Denver residents could use the help as the Average Median Rent is about $1,900.00 and rising. The conundrum of the unhoused has already been given effort by the Mayor’s office. Quickly moving more than 1,000 people off the streets. Lastly, there is also additional pressure on the crisis as migrants from other states have recently been surging into Denver. Watch below as Mayor Mike Johnston describes the crisis.

Opponents of this Bill say that we have now a problem with density in the metro area. However, the numbers show that we are currently at a 1980’s level and well below the capacity level per household. This aspect of the density argument will be discussed this Friday in the third installment of Afford to Live docu-series on Colorado housing.

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