Culture: Celebrate Your Roots

Connect with your culture

In the vibrant tapestry of the United States, its racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity stands out as a true hallmark of uniqueness. Living in a country often referred to as a “melting pot” can be both exhilarating and challenging when it comes to preserving your culture and cultural identity. Amidst the currents of dominant lifestyles and customs, it becomes essential to embrace and celebrate your roots, for doing so can enrich your life in countless ways while also fostering cultural awareness within your community.

Here are four ways to reclaim and celebrate your cultural identity.


Maintaining a strong connection with your cultural roots is pivotal. Immerse yourself in relevant blogs and websites, and seek inspiration from influential voices such as artists, writers, comedians, or athletes who share your cultural background. Explore literature that delves into the experience of straddling multiple cultures. Engage with the happenings and achievements of your community, be it Native American, Latinx, or any other cultural heritage. Form close bonds with individuals who share your cultural identity, and don’t hesitate to raise your voice against misrepresentations of your culture in society.

Dive Deep

Unearth the fascinating history of your culture and community, for knowledge is a powerful tool in preserving your identity. Understanding your background helps you reconcile the past and present, striking a harmonious balance between honoring your cultural identity and navigating within a diverse society. By becoming well-versed in your culture’s history, you empower yourself to confidently share facts and information, demonstrating your deep appreciation for your heritage.

Honor the Tradition

Embracing and incorporating cultural traditions into your lifestyle is a beautiful testament to your identity. Mark special holidays and celebrations linked to your heritage, and extend invitations to friends who may not be familiar with your customs. Embrace the elegance of traditional clothing or infuse your day-to-day life with rituals and customs that hold personal significance. Embodying your cultural traditions serves as a constant reminder of your identity’s richness.

Find Your Place

The concept of cultural identity is intricate, encompassing a network of ideas. Which aspects of your culture hold a profound significance for you? Are there any traditions that conflict with your personal values? Your deep dive will lead you to uncover significant revelations about yourself. As you navigate your way within the culture, reflect on how your perspectives may have evolved. Is there any aspect that isn’t accessible to you? Are there any barriers preventing you from engaging in the traditions and customs you long to experience? How will that affect you?

Share What You’ve Learned

Every culture possesses unique treasures that deserve to be shared with the world. Embrace the role of a cultural ambassador by sharing the values, traditions, and achievements of your heritage with your extended family, community, and friends. Organize gatherings where you showcase delectable ethnic cuisine or teach traditional dances. Invite others to festivals, art shows, or events that embody the spirit of your cultural background. Enlighten those around you with historical insights and introduce them to emerging talents from your community. Above all, share your personal story, as it carries the essence of your cultural journey.

In a land as diverse as the United States, cultural identity often embraces fluidity, especially for those with mixed heritage. If celebrating your cultural background holds profound meaning for you, take these steps to heart and embark on a journey to further connect with your culture. By doing so, you’ll not only celebrate your roots but also contribute to the beautiful mosaic that makes the world so extraordinary.

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