Afford to Live Docu-Series Outlines Housing Issues

The foremost issue on Coloradans minds over the past few years is the housing crisis, and it remains the biggest issue in Colorado politics. Just as Mayor Johnston hits his six month mark of being in office, having boasted moving 1000 people off the streets and into temporary housing, the issue broadly still is pervasive and this latest docu-series titled Afford to Live dives into some of the minutia of the problems.

This is the first venture of this kind for writer and media consultant Antonio Valenzuela-Gonzales, who attempts to deconstruct the issues as well as examining the idea of affordable housing. This docu-series will be six to eight episodes dropping every Friday, starting Jan 19, 2024.

The project features interviews from a wide array of people close to the issue like historian Roger Roland, activist Terrance Roberts, City Council members Stacey Gilmore and Kevin Flynn, Green Latinos Ean Tafoya and Commerce City Council Rene Chacon. To watch the first video go to HealDenver’s Youtube Channel and subscribe.

This series will eventually result in a full-length film later this year about the entire state of Colorado, while this first series focuses mainly on the City of Sheridan and it’s relationship to Denver.

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